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If you intend to do Zazen more seriously and apply to our group Zazen program, we have several choices following your preferences. We invite you to have a calm stay away from business.

Reservation is required to attend below programs.


Here you find programs without reservation.


Individual program

One night of Zen

Date Annual schedule
Time Saturday 16:30 – Sunday 9:00
Fee 6,000JPY (7,000JPY including rental fee for Zazen clothing)
Things to bring Stationaries
loose clothing, Toiletries towels, white socks, pajama,
* no hair creams or perfumes


Group program

We are able to prepare the program following your request.

We also propose “Guide inside the temple (free)”, “Shakyo (tracing sutra +2,500 JPY)”, “Shojin ryori (Vegetarian Buddhist cuisine +2,500 JPY)”


*We can accept participation of more than 15 persons as a Group program.

*The price indicated is for 1 person.

*We have discounted prices for under 18 years. They are indicated.( )


3 hours course

Time 10:00-13:00
Dharma talk
Meal ×
Fee 2,000JPY(1,500JPY)
Things to bring ・loose clothing
* no hair cream or perfume

6 hours course

Time 10:00 -16:00
Dharma talk
Meal ○ Shōjin Ryōri plate (Vegetarian Buddhist lunch)
Fee 5,500JPY(4,500JPY)
Things to bring ・loose clothing
* no hair cream or perfume

Overnight stay

Time 14:00- 11:30 (following day)
Dharma talk
Meal ○ Shōjin Ryōri plate (Vegetarian Buddhist lunch)
Fee 8,000JPY(5,000JPY)
Things to bring Loose clothing
Toiletries, towels, white socks
* no hair cream or perfume

Special annual program

Nirvana Sesshin Feb 12th - 14th (3 days)
Denko-e Sesshin June 4th – 8th (5 days)
Children program July 28th – 29st (2 days)
Summer Zazen retreat Aug 24th- 26th (3 days)
Rohatsu Sesshin Dec 1st – 8th (8 days)


If necessary, we ask you to present a medical certificate.


Zazen program without reservation

【Reservation and inquiries】 TEL +81 (0) 45- 581-6086 FAX +81 (0) 45-581- 6348


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