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Buddha statues

There are many Buddha’s at Sojiji. Let us introduce some of them.





Daikokusonten (Mahakala)

In the back of the main entrance of Sojiji called Kōshakudai, a statue of God Daikokusonten, height 180cm is deified. It is very familiar to those visiting for prayer.

This Daikokusonten was originally a god in India for protecting food and drinks. Afterwards he became a god of the kitchen in China and in Japan he became a god of kind luck in combination with God Okuninushinomikoto, the god harvest. And as a god that grants one’s wishes, then joined the 7 gods of luck called Shichifukujin. The “Shichifukujin mairi” habit (making pilgrimage to the 7 gods) started from the Edo period. Especially Daikokusonten smiles warmly, wearing a cap, carrying a big sack on his left shoulder, holding a mallet (wooden hammer) for luck, standing on a rice barrel, and is familiar and believed in also at present.

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